Thursday, October 20, 2011

look, ma, one hand!

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my lovely boy. He is sleeping in my arms right now, so I thought I'd go through my Flickr photos to find some things to put into a catch-up blog post. One handed typing, so please excuse any brevity in my writing. (Or perhaps that will come as a relief?)

I spun some golden deliciousness. 60/30/10 merino/bamboo/nylon, from Hello Yarn. I used to think that I didn't like bamboo blends, but when prepped well (as is all of Adrian's fiber), it turns out that I love it.
Handspun Golden Panda
Handspun Golden Panda

Little mittens that he never wore. Whoops. Too small now. (And he's become a hand sucker, anyway.)
Norwegian Newborn Mittens

Milk Infant Top
Milk Infant Top

BSJ from blanket leftovers:
Handspun BSJ
Handspun BSJ
Handspun BSJ

new baby things

Preview of what I'll share next post:

Celestine Sox

I apologize for not giving full project details for everything in this post, but it's a bit overwhelming to try to do one handed. More information is available on my Ravelry projects page.


Blogger Kitty Couture said...

Your spinning and knitting are both stunning! That skein of handspun is very yummy indeed.

11/12/2011 3:20 AM  
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