Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sweaters From Camp - week 2 update

I'll start off with me, because I'm long overdue in posting an update photo. Here's what the first pattern repeat looks like:

Vertical Stripes - Feb. 21

The stripes on the right are the left side (as I'll wear it) of the sweater. You can see a bit of color mixing where I split spliced. Nothing too major, though I suppose it's fairly noticeable with the brown. For the record, I'm spit splicing with actual spit. It's so much easier than keeping a little cup of water around all the time.

Doesn't the main motif look a bit like an owl?

And now for the knitalong updates:
  • Jayne is on her fourth try starting Snow Sky. You can do it!
  • Becki has decided to use Morehouse Merino 2-ply for Crichton. I look forward to seeing the colorway you put together.
  • Natalie's swatches are more gorgeous than I would have imagined, based on the photos in the book. She's cast on, and is using different needle sizes to create subtle shaping. Good idea! Here are her first two rows of colorwork.
  • Bobby has cast on for the Celtic Knot Raglan, and is having some troubles with the pattern. If any of you are also knitting this sweater, a meeting of minds may be in order.
  • Helen cast on for Seaweed for Sheryl, and is learning how to upload pictures to her blog.
  • Tipper made quick progress on Crichton, but is having second thoughts about one of the colors. She's decided to order some Jamieson's yarn, to match the sweater in the book.
  • Kim decided to knit the Afghanistan Rug Jacket, and sounds optimistic about eventually figuring out how that side-to-side shaping works. It's one of those things that makes my head hurt a little, too, but I'm sure it will make sense once you get into it.
  • Morgan got the yarn for her Autumn Color cardigan, in a slightly less bright colorway of Jamieson's yarn.
  • Linda's Northwest Sunset vest is looking great!
  • Anne started knitting her Shirt Tail Hemmed Fair Isle, and it looks gorgeous. Also, look at her swatch, where she played around with different color combinations.
  • Lola has all her stitches on the needles. She even got to put her steek to good use, already, to untwist her cast-on. Those things sure are useful. :)
  • Shirley started her traditional fair isle pullover a second time, because of some sizing issues. Thankfully, she's a super fast knitter, and probably ahead of the rest of us already.
  • Kilsharion is pushing through some minor troubles on her Ark vest.
  • Sydney's Shirt Tail Hemmed Fair Isle is short and curling, but I'm sure it will be easier to see in no time.
  • TJ's Vertical Stripes cardigan is looking great, in beautiful greens. I agree that it will be lots of fun to see how our sweaters look in two completely different colorways.
  • Pat, who doesn't have a blog, emailed me to say: "After seeing Shirley's vest I decided to try my size 46 on and it was huge. So I've started again, size 39 with an increase to Addi #2 needles to hopefully end up with a slightly larger vest. (I don't look like the girl in the picture) I hope to finish first repeat by Wednesday. I've never been so anxious about gauge since I've always been right on but this is all new."
  • Terri wrote in to tell me that she's cast on for her Northwest Sunset vest.
As a reminder, please email me if you want to join the knitalong. My email address and links to information posts can be found in the sidebar of the main blog page. I recently got a comment from someone who wanted information about the knitalong, but as she didn't leave any contact information, the best I can do is post this reminder. (I'm working on the psychic powers, but they're not quite up to snuff yet.)

I know I have some catchup work to do in terms of adding and updating projects in the participants list. That should come some time this week.

Happy knitting!


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your sweater is looking mighty sunny~ just the thing for a spring day. Tho most likely a cheery winter knit...

2/23/2006 10:33 PM  

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