Friday, November 11, 2005

pride and spaghetti

Sorry for spamming your Bloglines lists with another post today, but I just had to. I looked at my earlier post again, and realized something.

Way back, about a year ago, when I was taking up knitting again, one of my inspirations was Wendy's blog. I went through her archives with my jaw on the ground. She knit such gorgeous things. I was really taken by Ingeborg, but remember thinking to myself that a person probably needs to be something approaching a knitting genius to make something that fancy schmancy.

Now I have a picture of my own (partial) Ingeborg swatch on my own knitting blog. And to tell the truth, after those mittens, and considering some upcoming things on my wishlist, my attitude toward Ingeborg is that it will be a nice, fun, relatively easy colorwork knit. After all, I don't even have to change background of foreground colors at all, and the drop sleeves mean there's no fancy shaping. I don't know whether to be proud of myself, or angry at my past self for being so close minded about her abilities.

Of course, I may forever give up knitting and spend the rest of my life crocheting Spaghetti Monster hats. Think it would go well with Ingeborg?


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