Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SFCKAL Week 15

subtitle: the Vertical Stripes update

Only updates from me and TJ today. She finished the body of her Vertical Stripes cardigan! Whoo! It looks great, and fits like a pillowcase. ;-)

I'm ever so close to doing the same. I did the neck shaping calculations yesterday, and just put neck stitches on a holder and formed the front neck steek. I have about 20 rows of knitting to go, and am hoping I'm able to stretch everything out to fit on my 32" circular needle. I think it's going to work, but it will be tight and annoying for a while. But not annoying enough to spend $13 on an Addi Turbo with a shorter cord, just to knit a few rows.

Uh, so that's it for the SFCKAL update. I'm thinking of doing these updates every other week, instead of every week. I know the sweaters are slow going, and that they'll probably be even more slow going for a lot of people during the summer months. So unless there's some grand objection to the idea, look for the next update 2 weeks from today, not next week. I think they'll be more interesting to read if there's more than one or two sweaters to report on each time, eh? ;-)

I'll try to get a photo up of my sweater body when it's done, but it may have to wait a few days. (A. is on vacation, so I'm going to be spending more time with him, which is a very good thing.) But I've already taken a photo for my entry in the first Amazing Lace contest, so look for that within the next several days, too. I just need to come up with something clever to say...

EDIT: I misspelled "stripes" as "strips" both times I typed it above. This gives me a whole new idea for a non-work-friendly photo contest at the end of the knitalong. But maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea. ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks incredible! You are inspiring

5/24/2006 8:27 PM  

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