Thursday, October 13, 2005

mitten and scarf updates

Waiting and starting over on the hand of the 2nd mitten was a good idea. I started over again last night, and it's looking much better. I think the fair isle is better than on the first mitten, so far, and the spit splicing is worth it. It's so nice to work with what becomes one long strand of yarn, instead of dealing with ends and weaving or knitting in or whatever. In the picture, the beginning of the round is on the far right. I need to start splicing a few stitches earlier, I think.

But before I picked up the mitten again, I finished the second pattern repeat on the lace scarf. I wanted to see how it looked with two full repeats, and wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget where I was on the chart when I pick it up again. I think it looks much better than with one pattern repeat done, now that the inbetween bits are fully visible. I think shooting it on a dark background works a lot better than a light background. Who knew?

I like how the lace pattern doesn't look quite as angular as yesterday. It's definitely somewhat angular, but there is also a subtle curve to the leaves, which is part of what drew me to this pattern. I'm quite happy with the way the pattern is emerging. I don't anticipate working on this scarf super quickly. It was a very nice break from the mittens, and it will be nice to work on while I'm doing the boring stockinette parts of Samus. Maybe I'll bring it to the knitting group tonight.


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