Friday, December 29, 2006


No, really. I am still here. What, you don't believe me? Fine. But if I didn't exist, how could I knit bumpy grey things:

Jules' sock cuff

That's the beginning of a sock for Jules, who married to my friend Lisa, who is getting those fun purple and yellow and green Socks That Rock socks. I'm just barely past the top of the cuff, where I used a ribbing variation I found in Schurch's Sensational Socks book. The rest of the sock will be 2x2 ribbing, so they're work-appropriate. (Yes, not all of us get to wear eye-blindingly bright Jaywalkers and orange lace to work.)

The bulk of what I've been working on for the past few weeks is not yet bloggable. Contrary to what I wrote about in my last post (back in the Cretaceous period), I haven't yet knit the thumbs on my Komi mittens. Instead, I worked on that gift for a friend that I mentioned, which I want to keep under wraps until she receives it. It's going to be even more exciting than I let on in the last post, but that's all you get to read about it for now, in case she's reading. I'm really bad about keeping gifts a secret, so you better believe it's painful to be so silent about this. Particularly because said gift is blocking at this very moment, almost ready for photographs.

Now that I've teased you with things you can't yet see, here's a nice list of things to look forward to around these parts in early 2007 (a year which can't come soon enough):
  • be-thumbed and completed Komi mittens for me

  • super secret mystery gift (which you won't get photos of until it makes it all the way to Canada)

  • grey ribbed socks. That may sound boring, but I am confident there will be beauty in their simplicity.

  • a baby sweater

  • purple Austrian patterned socks

  • various smallish projects with various bits and pieces of leftover worsted weight yarn, details to be determined as I go

  • chevron socks that aren't Jaywalkers (imagine that!)

  • something lacy made from alpaca

disclaimer: Of course, nothing on that list is a promise. But all are quite likely. It is part of the grand use-up-stash project of 2007, aka "there is no money for new yarn", aka "there is no need to fret about no new yarn when there is enough old yarn to keep one happy for several weeks."

Also look forward to the tale of four thumbs, and a review of the most splendiferous knitting book I've ever laid eyes on. And the end of the official part of the Sweaters From Camp knitalong. Speaking of which, here are some updates:
  • Becki has made great progress on her Snow Sky. Probably tons more since she posted that.

  • Linda finished her Northwest Sunset vest!

  • Shirley has started the Prince of Wales vest.

See you again when I have thumbs.

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Blogger Becki said...

It always makes me smile when you assume that I've done more than in the picture. It makes me feel like Super Fast Knitter, and not Knitter Who Started Three Sweaters All in Stockinette and Will Die.

12/29/2006 9:58 AM  
Blogger Theresa said...

I think 2007 is going to be all about stash for many of us. . . . truth be told, I'm kind of excited about the possibilities that lie hidden deep within!

12/29/2006 8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Socks that Rock purple, green for Lisa. Great socks. I just finished my 2nd pair. I love knitting socks. When I get a bit better, I will get some of that yarn.

After all, sock yarn doesn't count in the 9 months fast during the Stash 2007.


12/30/2006 2:32 PM  

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