Sunday, July 09, 2006

a sleeve fit for an ant

Thanks to Jessica's generous offer to lend me a second size 1 Addi Turbo to try out the 2-circ method on my sleeves, the first Vertical Stripes sleeve has officially begun. So far, I'm actually rather pleased with this technique. It's not as nice as being about to knit in the round on one circular needle, but for something with this relatively large circumference, I get a lot of knitting in between when I have to switch needles. And it's really nice to be able to knit on the same needles I used for the body, which really does eliminate any of my gauge worries. I have to admit that I like this technique so much more for fair isle than I thought I would that I may consider it when I make colorwork mittens later this year. Of course, I'm only 3 rows into the colorwork, so I may be speaking too soon.

VS sleeve 1 - July 9

I have run into a strange problem with this sweater. I'm not sure if it's a mistake I made when crocheting or cutting the steeks, or if it's a problem with the crocheted steek technique in general. I have a feeling that it's my fault. Take a look:

VS armhole - crochet problem?

Notice how that purple crochet chain has separated from the steek stitches it was crocheted into? That's not supposed to happen. I'm hoping that I was just inaccurate with my crocheting or cutting in that spot, and that this is not something that can happen with correctly executed crocheted steeks. I tried tugging (gently, but not too gently) on the crocheting in another spot, and it didn't seem to want to budge, so my best guess is that this is my own fault. I guess I'll quickly sew that chain onto the steek stitches and get on with things. While I'm not knitting with Shetland, this is still 100% non-superwash wool, and stitches have already been picked up for the sleeves. So I'm not really concerned with unravelling problems.

On another note, I wanted to say thanks for all of the wonderful comments about Bristow. Truth be told, I stuck to the pattern almost word for word. While I'm extremely pleased with the results, it's not a knitting miracle or anything. Just a pretty pattern, knit in the right size. So if you like it that much, go knit one for yourself, so I can return the compliments! :-D

Also, thanks so much to the people who responded with input on the scratchiness (or non-scratchiness, as it appears to be) of Schaeffer Anne. I went ahead and used my Red Bird Knits gift certificate for a huge hank of it in red, which I'm very excited about. And let me tell you, the customer service is great. (All my questions were answered within minutes of me sending an email.) I'm officially a fan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes! I've never done a steek...fear and all...but that looks ominous to me. I hope you get it all figured out and no problems ensue. Beautiful knitting, by the way :)

7/10/2006 8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I gasped (out loud) when I saw that purple chain. Your knitting is so beautiful.

7/10/2006 10:30 PM  

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