Monday, March 13, 2006

in which she actually makes a decision

I got back from the library. My nose was stuck in the book (Folk Socks) for the entire half hour walk home. (Except when crossing streets, of course. I'm one of those dorks who always looks both ways. You'd never guess I grew up in NYC.) I decided that it's only fitting if I try colorwork socks again, if I'm going to use the leftovers from the dead Komi sock. So I'm officially declaring that I'm going to try knitting the Mamluke socks.

I should have plenty of yarn leftover from the Komi socks, without having to frog. I don't want to frog for 2 reasons: I don't want to undo any of the Komi sock (even though it doesn't really matter anymore), and I don't want to use "used" yarn for Sockapaloooza. It would be fine for me, but I figure that if I'm knitting a gift, I want to make sure I use yarn that is in new condition. I have about a skein and a half of each color left. The Mamlukes are relatively short, and will be even shorter in the foot because of the size of my sock pal's foot. Perfect.

(Anybody want to take bets on when this shows up on Bloglines? hah!)


Blogger Toni said...

I'm working on Mamlukes now--love them. Beware the heel. I think these are meant to be rather loose around the foot and leg; otherwise, the heel as written is not conducive to circulation.

3/14/2006 3:43 PM  
Blogger elka said...

Oh crapsters~ opened up the screen to tell you Stitchingirl Toni was knitting these and had heel problems. And here she is leaving her own darned comments. What do I have to do to be helpful for heaven's sake? Oh yeah wake up earlier....

3/14/2006 4:24 PM  

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