Wednesday, December 07, 2005

half a vest

According to Blogger, this is my 100th post. Woohoo!

To celebrate, I have half a vest to display:

Veste Everest - back completed

This has been one of those projects that didn't start off that thrilling, but managed to get more pleasant as I went along. I think it might actually be because my size 6 needles got seasoned and smoother. I don't think I've used them for a lot in the past.

Wanna see the view I had while working on it last night?

wood stove in action

I love our wood stove. Warm and crackly and glowy. Perfect to knit in front of on a cold New Hampshire night.

I've decided that I'm not casting on for the front of the vest tonight. A. is getting home very late tonight, and I think I'm going to work on some Pocket Creatures for him. I'm actually really tempted to pull out my 3 mm circs to play around with the two circ technique with colorwork, using the Ingeborg sleeve pattern. But this is my chance to get some secret knitting done, so I should take advantage of it. (Though I think A. is usually fairly oblivious to what I'm working on, anyway.)

Other things:
  • I forgot to mention that I found my Nordic Mittens! I knew I wouldn't have been so irresponsible as to lose my precious mittens, but I did slightly panic when they weren't where I thought they'd be. It turns out they were in my black pocketbook. The last time I wore them was the last time I used that bag, when I went to New England Fabrics to buy the zipper for Samus. And of course my Samus swatch was also in the bag. I couldn't find that, either, but didn't care as much. I should have put two and two together, eh?
  • I now know for sure that nylon doesn't block. (Thank you Schizospider.) I really am still tempted to knit a Clapotis scarf out of the stuff, just because I think it will drape really nicely, and it will be a fun scarf to play with. But I wouldn't want to wear it, I don't think. It wouldn't suit me, and I just wouldn't want it. Should I make one and give it away? Hmm. Even if I do, I'll have tons of nylon yarn leftover.
  • DeeAnn wants me to let her know if I start a knitalong for Bristow. It's ever so tempting, but 1. I shouldn't spend the money on the yarn right now, and 2. Buying yarn to start a new project (as opposed to using stash) feels like giving up on my Ingeborg yarn ever arriving. But still, it's really tempting. (I also don't know that I'm the best person to host a knitalong, as not that many people read my blog, I don't think. But I probably wouldn't let that stop me.)
  • This shawl is gorgeous. Take a peek! I've wanted to knit that one for a while, and now I want to order the kit today. I won't, but boy is that inspirational.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel so bad that you're having to wait so long for your Ingeborg yarn, having recommended the company you purchased it from and all. Are they at least staying in touch with you about it? I hope the yarn comes soon, I can't wait to follow your progress on it, it's such a lovely sweater.

12/07/2005 9:52 AM  
Blogger Jessimuhka said...

Your Veste Everest made me realize I read the pattern completely wrong. Oops. I was doing the cable crossing every 6 rows instead of alternating 6 rows and 8 rows. Right now I'm thinking of ripping and knitting a different cabled vest from an older issue of IK. I think Kathy Zimmerman designed it and it's shown on an old man.

I also want to knit Bristow, but I think it needs to wait until I finish Rogue. Trying to keep it to one sweater at a time for now.

12/11/2005 2:38 AM  

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