Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm feeling uninspired. I know a lot of people get the knitting blahs during the warm summer months, when it's not as pleasant to work with big wooly things, and hard to imagine ever wanting to wear them.

I'm getting uncharacteristic knitting blahs in December. I think it's mostly because I was all psyched up to start on Ingeborg, and am now in indefinite backorder purgatory. I crave colorwork, and can't do it until my yarn arrives. Anything else I knit just reminds me how much it isn't colorwork, and I don't feel like working on it anymore.

Maybe a slight exaggeration. I have gotten some knitting done, and some of it was enjoyable. I cast on for Veste Everest, and am 1.5 pattern repeats in:

Veste Everest - Dec. 1, 2005

I like how the altnerating 6 and 8 row lengths between cable crosses looks. I wasn't sure about it before, but at least so far, it's kind of cool. The fabric is really, really stiff. It's a tight gauge for it, and the yarn isn't the softest or most supple in the world to begin with. I know from the swatch that it will soften up a bit, and I plan to use hair conditioner to help it out even more. This is all kind of funny because, I must have washed this sweater before, right? But maybe I wore it so seldomly that I really didn't. Hmm.

It's funny how short my memory can be. Yesterday I remembered that last winter, when I first frogged that old sweater, I started to knit a cabled scarf with the yarn. It was the Irish Hiking Scarf, which has a cable pattern that is very similar to the one on Veste Everest. I frogged it because it was way too stiff and harsh to make a good scarf. Kind of funny how I ended coming back to a very similar pattern for the yarn this year.

I have some 32" Addi Turbos on the way to me, and may play around with them this weekend. They might be long enough to try magic loop, and even if they're not, I'm tempted to use them for my next pair of socks, using the two circ technique. I believe that size 1 Addis are the same millimeter size as size 1 Inox Express needles, and even though I had been planning on using size 0 needles for my next socks, I am going to want to play with my new Addis. I'm also excited about this because it's a trade, which means it only costs me the postage it will take to send my trade partner the needles I've promised her.

So, that's it for today. Any of you live in Nebraska? If so, can you get a long pointy stick to poke Brown Sheep with? I want my yarn I want my yarn I want my yarn!


Blogger Bee said...

When I worked at a yarn store, my bosses told me that Brown Sheep only dyed yarn in lots of 200 (!) balls, because they refuse to add more staff/machinery to keep up with the demand. I swear, the yarn companies are the ones turning knitting into a boom-and-bust industry!

12/02/2005 9:18 AM  
Blogger Rebecca Mongrain said...

I love the sweater so far! I just loves the cables but they do drag me down at times. Oh but the final reward is so great when people think you are the master of knitting due to the lovely cables.

12/02/2005 12:08 PM  

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