Tuesday, November 22, 2005

buttonhole and superstition

I still haven't finished the button band. Less than half a row of "frambois" to go, then a row of "bright lilac", and binding off. The end is so close.

For now, here's a closeup shot of a buttonhole. I never made buttonholes before this, so I'm still a bit more excited than I should be about this. Especially since I mostly ignored the actual instructions, and they still came out fine.

My goal for tonight is to finish the button band, fix up some rough spots on the shoulders, and weave in ends. If I have time, I'll also block, but that might be left until morning. Then I'll bring it to Joann on Friday, and waste a 50% off coupon on some temporary buttons. :-)

I really do want to finish stuff up tonight or tomorrow morning because I want to be freed up for simple knitting the rest of the week. When not preparing for or celebrating Thanksgiving, I'm going to be doing silly things like getting up in the middle of the night and staying up way past my bedtime to watch live coverage of the gymnastics world championships online. The few of my readers who know me outside of this blog know how obsessed I am. I will need knitting to keep me calm, but it's going to have to be simple, so I can knit while watching. I'm tempted to cast on for the Cherry Tree Hill socks. They've got some red in them, and in a rare state of superstition, I kind of want to knit something with red in it, to support the 2 Chinese athletes who I depserately want to win gold medals, as red is an auspicious color for the Chinese. On the other hand, if I want to be superstitious, maybe I should cast on for the second Retro Rib sock. They're on size 1 needles, and when Nadia Comaneci got the first 10.0 at an Olympics, they flashed 1.00, because the score board didn't go up to 10. It only seems fitting that I knit "retro" socks on size 1 needles, as this competition is the last big one under that 10.0 scoring system. Of course, I'll probably be so nervous and excited and worked up that I'm likely to snap size 0 or 1 bamboo needles in my jittery little fingers, so maybe I shouldn't knit anything.

Well, that's enough of that. Don't want to turn this into a gymnastics blog, though I may have to post something celebratory if a couple of finals turn out the way I hope. If all goes well, there will be a picture of the vest blocking in tomorrow's post, posted right before I go into temporary gymnastics/Thanksgiving hibernation. :-)


Blogger Jessimuhka said...

Your post just reminded me that college basketball starts this week. It's all over now... at least Andrew won't pitch in for fancy cable, which cuts down on the amount of Basketball available for me to watch. I think I'll have to start some new socks in blue for Duke (and to a lesser extent UK). I also need low stress knitting for my high stress sports.

Your button band is looking good - can't wait to see the finished vest.

11/22/2005 12:39 PM  

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