Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a rare stash picture, +

1. Thanks to Jessimuhka for your comment. I did going with less stretch (or more knitting) for the sock foot. Also, I wanted to clarify that I'm glad I had an excuse to try the YO short row method, even though I didn't like it. It's always good to try stuff out, to see how I feel about it. I'm tempted to try it with socks knit at a tighter gauge, to see if I'd like how it looks more in that situation.

2. I finished the sock! It's the right size, and everything. No pictures yet, though. I'm going to wait until I block it, which I'll probably do when both socks are done. I've never blocked socks before, and am still deciding on how I want to do it. Rather than buying or making a mold, I might just pin it out. I don't think I'll want to do much to the foot, but I will want to pin out the leg.

3. I cleaned out and took a picture of my sock yarn drawer. It's emptying out rather quickly. Espeically when you consider that I think the purchase of the blue/grey Wildfoote (all 4 skeins of it) was a mistake, given the types of socks I like to knit. I'll try to trade or sell it at some point, so I'm not really thinking of it as part of my sock stash anymore. And there is one skein of yarn in that picture that is now out of the drawer, and becoming the second lace sock. Those of you who looked at the pictures should know which one. I need to find the right pattern for the orange Kroy, and I'm thinking that I may find a fair isle pattern to use with the single skein of blue and some of the "natural" colored Kroy. And then there are the leftovers, which will wait until I have some great inspiration. Or maybe they'll just become fodder for provisional cast ons and swatching.

clicking makes it bigger

4. In addition to finishing the sock, I also worked on the sleeve yesterday. I ended up doing a few more rows to make up for some tight row gauge, and then got started on the sleeve cap. Hopefully I'll finish that tonight. Sleeve caps are great because of the ever decreasing row length. Yay! (I'm concentrating on keeping things a bit looser for the sleeve cap, because just adding rows to fix tight row gauge doesn't work as well here. If that doesn't fix it, I'll just block them a bunch.)


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