Sunday, September 25, 2005

a non-update update

Thanks to the people who poked me. I will indeed cast on for the 2nd Rogue sleeve tonight.

I haven't knit since Thursday. It's been a busy (mostly in a good way) weekend. No knitting since Thursday? Yeah, my hands are shaking a bit from the withdrawal. ;-)

(Actually, I wasn't really feeling the knitting mojo last week, so no withdrawal. Just going with the flow.)

It's chilly here. Very, very chilly. I slept outside in a tent last night, and can attest to the fact that it is very chilly out there. We're thinking of breaking in the wood stove tonight, and the weather is certainly inspiration to knit. In fact, I'm wearing my Coronet hat (which I think I've neglected to put in my FO gallery) right now. Yay! Hopefully this week's updates will be a bit more exciting than last week's, which were mostly me blathering on about random stuff. Oh fer cold weather.

So time to take a shower and throw on some lovely Koigu socks, so I can be ready to knit through Football in half an hour. (They always replay the good stuff anyway, so why not knit through it? Just wait for the cheers and jeers to look up. The perfect knitting sport for a cold night spent in front of a wood stove, dontcha think?)


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