Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sweaters From Camp KAL - week 5 update

I think the knitalong participants have collectively hit "the wall". There are relatively few updates this week, which is fine by me, as last week's dual update felt like it took forever to do. So thanks for the break. ;-)
  • Jayne restarted her Snow Sky sweater in new colors, and has a photo update. She also writes about things she's learned so far, while working on this project.

  • Becki is unsure of whether she likes how her Crichton looks, but her roommates won't let her rip it out. (If you decide you don't like how the colors look on you, give it to one of them, and make sure they knit you a sweater that's just as intricate and time consuming!)

  • Donna W. announced that she cast on for her Vertical Stripes sweater. yay!

As for me, nothing exciting to report. You can see my progress in my post from this past Friday. I'm getting close to the armholes, and will probably put the sweater in hibernation when I get to the end of the 4th pattern repeat. That's a bit before the armholes, but as I'm still unsure of how long I want to make the sweater, it seems like a good place to stop. I'll probably be working on Ingeborg for a while, starting this weekend.


Blogger Tipper said...

I haven't really hit a wall - more like hit a milestone (I finished one repeat!) - but my dog ate my USB cable. Until I have time to experiment with networking my computer to Matthew's (which I think is already done because I did it before, just didn't test it), no pictures from moi.

3/16/2006 12:54 PM  

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