Wednesday, February 01, 2006

for my sockapaloooza pal; fun with the Knitting Olympics

Hello sock pal! I know you're probably rolling your eyes, and cursing the random number generator that made you my sock pal. I know I wrote a short novel when stating my preferences for a sock. I know I probably intimidated you by giving you a bazillion leg measurements, for those just-in-case scenarios. But I just meant all that information to be helpful, and I hope that's how it was received. I'm not a psycho control freak or anything. :-)

And in case you still need more ideas about what sorts of socks I like, I went through some of my old posts, to give you ideas. Last time around, I would often post links to the socks that I really liked, from Alison's weekly Sockapalooza updates. Here are links to some of those posts, which contain links to socks I really liked. Please feel free to ignore, if you feel like it. I'm just providing the information in case you're as nosy and neurotic as I am.
Obviously, that's not a complete catalog of socks I've ever loved in my life. But it's a good starting spot. And heck, maybe it will help provide pattern inspiration for my blog readers who are knitting socks for other people.

And while I'm blabbing away, I must say that I've already stuck my foot in my mouth with this whole Sockapaloooza thing. I didn't read my email closely enough, and emailed Alison about what the heck a "sock sister" is. Sorry, Alison. I really don't mean to be a pain in the arse.

I'm not going to start knitting the socks for my pal quite yet. I think I'm going to try to wait until I've completed the vertical stripes pullover (my SFCKAL project) body before doing that, assuming things go at the pace I anticipate. The person I was matched with didn't have many preferences listed, but I think I've already picked out a brand of yarn that will be just right, and am thinking about something lace. I've got a bunch of lace patterns that would be nice to try out. Oh, and bonus: I'm knitting for small feet! For Sockapalooza 2, I knit for someone with rather large feet, so this is nice. Nothing against big feet, with small feet I have the option of making the leg longer, without worrying about running out of yarn. So I like smallish feet.

And while I'm being all gabby and linky, I have one more thing to plug today. Jessica just posted a funny Knitting Olympics drinking game. I'm not participating in the Knitting Olympics because it conflicts with the Sweaters From Camp KAL, and because I enjoy watching the Olympics way too much. I'll probably be knitting less, not more, during the Olympics. But best of luck to everybody who is challenging themselves with knitting during the games. I'll be observing, and perhaps indulging in a little bit of warm sake, if I find the time to catch up on the blog reading between ski jumpers and fluff pieces. ;-)

If you're wondering about actual knitting happening at chez Bowerbird, there hasn't been much. I've found it a bit difficult to get back into Ingeborg. I've knit a few rows of the third pattern repeat, but between mourning the sock and trying to bring back the appropriate muscle memory for my Ingeborg knitting, things have been slow. I might not update that until Monday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, sockpal! Please don't apologise for giving me so much information, it will only make me more confident that I can make Socks That Please.

2/01/2006 9:34 PM  

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