Wednesday, October 05, 2005

fringed mittens?

1. I can't begin to express how insanely jealous I am of this. 88 skeins of Koigu. 88 skeins of Koigu. It makes me lightheaded just to think about it. My eyes got misty when I thought of how much money it would take to buy 88 skeins of Koigu.

2. Thanks for the abundance of comments on yesterday's post! Y'all are great.
  • Looking at the final Rogue pictures, I'm really happy. When I look at it in person, it's hard not to see the tiny little flaws in it. But looking at the pictures, I can be much prouder of it. Eventually I'll forget about the little flaws, but it's hard not to see them so soon after I made them.
  • Yes, I really am happy I'm doing the mittens in full color. It is worth it, and having people confirm that is a good thing. (See "fringe" picture below for why encouragement is good.)
  • Tipper - are you thinking about using Clasgens yarn for your Rogue? Let me know if you want a sample to swatch with. I have plenty leftover, and would be happy to send some your way. Also, I think Koigu and black Baby Ull mittens sound fabulous. R., who visisted last weekend, was working on a fair isle hat with (doubled) Koigu and Cascade 220. I love the look of variegated knit with solid colors like that. Are you going to use the Koigu as the background or foreground? I think it would look good either way.
3. I have mitten progress pictures. I am one row away from beginning the toe fingertip decreases. I was all happy about how close I am to finishing the first mitten, when I remembered that I will also have to knit a thumb. Not that thumbs are big or anything, but I really don't like knitting small circumferences like that in the round. Only having a few stitches on each DPN is a pain.

And here is what the inside of the mitten looks like. No, it doesn't have a fringe. Those are ends to weave in. Weep for me.

4. When I want to knit, but can't pay attention to fair isle, I'm working on socks. Remember the Retro Ribs I started back when I was having lace troubles? I'm back to working on them again. Isn't this a lovely heel flap? I certainly like it.


Blogger Tipper said...

I would LOVE to try swatching a bit of that yarn. I think I have your email address; I'll email my address. You're a doll!!

I'm going with the Koigu background, black foreground. Although the opposite would be really neat, too. Hmmm...

What kind of yarn are you using for the sock? It's cute! Very rustic, but feminine.

10/05/2005 4:02 PM  

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