Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday sock lust

First, some blogkeeping business - I've changed the settings so that only partial posts should appear in Bloglines, the LJ feed, etc. I know some people don't like this, but decided to do it when I saw that my images weren't reliably showing up in those feeds. I know I'd rather be able to read posts in bloglines instead of clicking through to the blog, but I find it even more annoying when I can't tell whether there are pictures or not, and have to click through anyway. If Blogger weren't being so silly about images, I probably wouldn't have done this. sorry :-(

Second, I haven't yet started working on the Rogue hood again, yet. I need to get around to printing out the charts again, as I was checking off each row, and want a fresh sheet. We watched Groundhog Day yesterday, and I was so tempted to work on Rogue then. It would have been very appropriate to knit the hood a second time while watching that movie. I opted for the socks, though.

And now for my weekly meta-blogging, in which I drool over socks. (Yes, I'm still a sucker for fair isle and lace socks.)
  • more fair isle socks. I think this is a sign that I need to give this type of sock a try at some point. I've been unsure about things such as toes catching on floats on the way into the sock, but maybe I should just forget that potential problem.
  • I dig how these look like one thing (striped) from far away and another (lace) close up. Neato.
  • This color makes me extremely happy.
  • More fair isle! These are incredibly gorgeous. Too bad her feet are too small for the socks. That probably means they're not for me.
  • Dark green lace is just about as pretty as dark red lace. Yum.


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