Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday is for sock lust

Socks that I want to be mine (and since they're probably not, socks that I want to knit in the future):

My socks are probably going to go out in the mail on Saturday, as it's hard for me to get away during the week. (Well, not that hard, since I work from home and have a relatively flexible schedule, if I want it to be flexible. But the car is with the guy during the day, and the P.O. is probably a mile and a half a way, which would mean a lot of work to make up in the evening, which I don't want to do.) I'm incredibly excited to receive my socks. There are so many that I love from the photos, and even more I'm sure I'd love in person, and which I may not have even seen photos of. There was a pair I was sure was mine a few weeks ago, but now I'm doubting it, so I think I'm really going to be surprised.

I feel like it's my birthday. I'm loving it!

(Oh, and I just had a sneezing fit and think I injured my wrist. I kid you not. I'm a total spaz. But if it turns out I didn't cause massive internal wrist damage due to limb flinging while sneezing, there may be a sleeve picture tomorrow...)


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