Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rogue is blocking (pic)

It's about time. For some reason, the last stretch of knitting was really hard on my right hand. I've developed a nice callous on the inside of my right middle finger, which is strange, as I've never gotten a knitting callous in that spot before.

For the record, I finished up the hood grafting by using half kitchener and half general seaming techniques. I wasn't quite sure what to do, as half the stitches were live and half were just an edge of knitted fabric. I did some searching, and although it was hard to find answers, that's one that I found. It worked well enough. Right now the hood is blocked out for lengthening, but I suspect I may have to do a second blocking, maybe stuffed with something, for shaping.

The soaking went well, but there are no pictures. I figured blue mush in a dark basement may not be as pretty as I thought. The washing machine frustrated me a lot until I remembered that I had to close the lid before it would spin. Whoops. But once I figured that out, all was well. The yarn feels so much softer, now. I'm sure part of it is that it's still damp, but I know from the swatch that the yarn will be permanantly softer than it was pre-washing. I also turned the rest of the last ball I used for knitting into a small hank, carefully tied, for washing. That way I can seam with relatively clean yarn. I haven't gone through it to pick out all of the vegetable matter (a lot of which really needs to be picked out, and won't be gone from a soaking and spin cycle), but it's better than nothing.

click to biggify

It's so darn hard to get things squared up just right without a grid in the background. It's close enough, though. I haven't bothered to pin down the hems. Should I do that? Maybe I should go back and use the rest of the pins for it. I guess it will make sewing them in a bit easier later. Even if my pin pushing finger is red and sore. (poor, poor, unfortunate me...)

I do wonder if I'm going to want to do a partial blocking on the side cables of the body. I kind of folded them in half for the current blocking, but I wonder if that will squish them in a funny way. I may end up spot spraying them later to help them relax into a normal shape, depending on what they look like after this step.

Rogue will probably be untouched for a while. I don't trust it to be fully dry tonight, and tomorrow night is knitting group. Maybe I'll play around with hemming and seaming on Saturday. I don't know if the yarn I used will be good for the hems, as it's kind of thick. I guess it will take some experimentation. I've never sewn in a hem, so it should be a nice adventure.


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