Monday, September 12, 2005

pictures! (Rogue, supah seakrit soks)

I managed to snap some photos this morning, so you can see proof of my progress. Success!

First, we have the Rogue hood. Now, it's not done. First of all, my row gauge was ever so tight, so I'm going to block it to be a tad longer. (For all the parts of me that are short, I have a decent length neck.) Also, I haven't finished all of the grafting. I still need to do the horizontal grafting, which I haven't thought out yet. I'll do it eventually, but I might want to read through the yahoo group kntalong archives first. Or maybe I'll just wing it, but either way, it's not done yet.

(click to make bigger)

And here is the meager beginning of a sleeve. It's just the hem, plus the first 3 rows of the chart. how unexciting! But for my own personal reference, I will give my hem notes: The hem is shorter than the body hem. 7 rows of twisted stockinette, done on size 5 needles, starting and ending with a purl row. Hopefully I'll remember to look at this post when I start sleeve 2, 'cause I'd like to have identical sleeves.

(click to make bigger)

(By the way, Blogger is being a complete ass about uploading pictures in Firefox, which is the browser it recommends for my OS. So I have to start a post in Safari, upload the pics, then copy the HTML here. What a pain. They haven't responded to my second help request on this, either. Nice going, Blogger!)

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I also got a good deal of work done on the advanced_knit sock exchange sock. I came across a pattern that looked yummy, and decided to give it a go with sock yarn that gave me trouble in the past. Ya know, with all the lace sock trouble I was having, it made total sense to use troublesome yarn. But miracle of miracles, it worked! I used a new short row method, and I'm not sure whether I like it, but I'll stick with it for the rest of the pair, for symmetry. You can see the pics by clicking this link. (So if you're the person who is receiving these socks, don't click, as I know you don't want to know what they look like yet.) They look big to me, but they're for feet that are significantly bigger than mine, so I suppose this is okay. Still, this makes me nervous. Note that the color in the second pic (the one without my hand in it) is a lot more accurate.

"The Chef" asked me about when we're going to see the fair isle vest again. The answer is that I don't know. When I finish Rogue, I should either finish that, or finish the fair isle mittens. Which I finish first depends on how virtuous I'm feeling, and how much I feel like tackling fun fair isle vs. tedious moss stitch fair isle edging. There's a good chance that it will happen within the next month, but I'm not sure.


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