Friday, September 09, 2005

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The Rogue hood is so close to done, I can taste it. I got up to the part where I separated the left and right cable panels, and have completed the right panel. 7 rows to go on the left side panel, and then comes the grafting. I'm hoping that will be crazily easier than I think. Let's ignore other, less pleasant possibilities for now.

In other good news, I have wonderful inspiration for the LJ advanced_knit sock exchange, in both yarn and pattern. I'm afraid to be too optimistic, given my past failure, but I have a good feeling about this.

I also have renewed interest in finally finishing the fair isle vest and in getting started on the fair isle mittens again. I've been doing a lot of single color knitting, and the color bug is tickling again. Working on the mittens will be great practice for Ingeborg, as I still need to get the whole colorwork on DPN thing down.

Unfortunately, I think Ingeborg will have to wait longer than I wanted. I hoped to start on it in October, but money is a bit tight, and I should knit with yarn I already have, and patterns that I already have or can obtain for free. This is why I've joined the Samus knitalong. I've found myself obsessing over this sweater increasingly over the past day or so. It's fairly simple (well, except for the cables), but so gorgeous. I took a peek at my Peruvian Highland Wool that's been sitting around forever, and it's less bright purple than I remembered. I was remembering it as this bright jewel tone, but it really is more subdued than that, and I think it will look lovely knit up as Samus. Let's hope I don't have too many gauge issues. (I'm thinking there's a possibility that I may knit at a tighter gauge and go up a sweater size, but we'll see how the yarn behaves.)

I've also been thinking more about Arisaig. It didn't really call out to me at first, but I think it may be a perfect little wrap for those times when I'm stuck in a cute sundress in an over-airconditioned restaurant (i.e. every restaurant between the months of June and August). My first thought about it was that it wasn't all that flattering, but I think it is, in its own way. It's not meant to be a fitted, shape revealing top. It's meant to be an elegant but somewhat cozy cardigan you throw on top of a more fitted, shape revealing top. It will probably be a long while before I knit it, but I wonder if Elann's Baby Silk would be a good match for that pattern. In terms of gauge, it looks to be perfect, but I do worry about whether 80% alpaca will be too warm for Arisaig. I've really wanted to try out that yarn, ever since they came out with it, and this might be a good excuse to eventually buy some.


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I've been thinking about Samus too, lots of mods floating around in my head. I think Lambs Pride is too itchy for a sweater, and I prefer a plied yarn to a single for cabling anyway, so I'm thinking maybe Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. I'm also toying with the idea of making the icord edging a different color. I thought about doing the cabled bits in a complementary color, but that would probably draw too much attention to problem areas for me. I also feel like it needs a little something where the cable meets the body, like a welt or something. This is all far in the future however, as I have way to many projects in the pipeline right now and can't buy any yarn this month (donated yarn budget to the Red Cross).

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