Wednesday, September 07, 2005

hood picture, and why sneezes are fun

I flew on Rogue yesterday. I was so eager to get past the part that I ripped out that I did it in a day (or night), plus some. (And a few rows today.) Here's a closeup of the left side of the hood, more than halfway done!

knitting news of note: This yarn makes me sneeze. I suspect it's because it's a little, um, "rustic". It's got bits and pieces of dried vegetable matter in it, and I'd suspect a good deal of dust or dirt, too. I was never an allergy person, but I've been noticing more sniffling and sneezing this year in general. I suspect the pollen and vegetable matter outside is finally getting to me, and whatever is living in the yarn is doing its bit, too. But since I have this unnatural affinity for a really good sneeze, I'm not complaining. Just noticing.

(Did any of you ever read the book Where Do I Come From when you were a kid? It was an illustrated kid's book about the birds and the bees. Some highlights are the explanation for why people don't have sex all the time if it feels so good (answer: it's like jumping rope. Fun, but you get tired and bored if that's all you do), and what it feels like when the sperm come out of the man ("like a sneeze"). I really hope this is not why I like sneezes so much. Freud would have a field day.)


Blogger Unknown said...

I just found your blog, and love your Rogue in progress. That book you're quoting from is so cute. And to let you know, I once heard somewhere that a sneeze is the equivalent of, er, 12 "man's sneezes". That may be why you like sneezing so much.

9/08/2005 11:37 AM  

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