Tuesday, September 27, 2005

&@##@$%! allergens

No pictures today, but I will report that my sleeve is well on its way to sleeving. I have about 20 rows to go before I start the sleeve cap. It might, just might, be finished tonight.

I'm almost positive, now, that the yarn is making me sneezy. A bit itchy, too. This whole allergy thing is very new to me, but the connection is hard to miss. One reason I want to finish with the sleeve as soon as possible is so that I can finally give all the pieces a good soak and wash, and do a final vacuuming of the living room to get rid of offending vegetable matter that has sprung from the yarn. I think I'm going to even wash enough yarn so I can seam with unoffending yarn. (Well, the yarn isn't the problem. It's the allergens carred within it, directly from the farm. I hope. *achoo!*)

If I can finish the sleeve tonight, maybe I can finish grafting the rest of the hood before work tomorrow, and set the pieces soaking in the washer until lunch. Then I can pin it all out during lunchtime, work on finishing the lace socks tomorrow and Thursday evenings, and start seaming this weekend. It would have been really awesome if I had managed to finish the sleeve by Sunday night, because firing up the wood stove made the house super dry. If I could have blocked on Sunday night, the pieces would have been dry in no time.

And if you read all of that, you got to this paragraph, which contains something very cool. That would be cabled crochet. And not lame faux cables in crochet (which I've seen and been relatively unimpressed with before), but actual stitches twisted in front of or behind other stitches, to make cables like you see in knitting. It's very cool, and the swatches she knit actually look a lot like they were knit. Check out one of the comments, where she posted a picture of multicolored crocheted cables. I'm impressed.

So here's to tomorrow, which might contain:
  • less itching
  • less sneezing
  • more sleeve
  • pictures of all the fun pieces
  • bonus soaking in machine picture (I always love submerged yarn pictures)
Not promising anything, but if I knit my fingers off tonight, tomorrow will be splendid.


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