Tuesday, August 30, 2005



This week's installment of socks that rock my socks. (AKA wishful thinking; AKA planning for future sock mischief)

In stuff not related to socks, I finished the back of Rogue yesterday, and am a few rows into the front. Pictures in a day (or two or three), when there is something interesting to show. There should be something interesting and new fairly soon, as there is some cabling on the front. It should be very pretty.

I have yet to cast on for those sock exchange socks. I kind of wish I had different yarn for them, but I have no money for it, and have perfectly fine and suitable yarn already. I wanted to try variegated with this pattern, but the only somewhat variegated sock yarn I have is completely, totally wrong for this pattern. I may go with a contrasting color for the heels and toes, though. I'm not sure if that would look too sporty for this pattern, but I have a while to decide.


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