Thursday, August 25, 2005

brief Rogue update

I'm doing a bit of lunchtime knitting, and am just about to finish page 1 of chart A. (row 32).

I can't believe how quickly this is flying by. I still have an extremely long way to go, but 4.5 stitches per inch sure is a refresher. The yarn (Clasgens) feels so thick to me. It's definitely on the heavy side for a worsted, and really dense. As weird as it sounds, I am enjoying picking the bits of vegetable matter out, as I knit. It's one of those more rustic, less processed yarns, and I like the bits of evidence that this wool was once on the back of a sheep, who rolled in a bed of prickers. Not something I'd want on every project, but it's fun for now.

I will post an updated picture tomorrow. I'm hoping to get through the waist shaping cables tonight at the knitting group.

I just realized one downside to Blogger vs. LJ. Replying to comments isn't as easy. Oh, well. All a part of growing pains, I guess.

(Interesting tidbit of the day: Blogger's spellcheck does not know the word "Blogger".)


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