Monday, August 29, 2005

baby got back! (corniest post title, ever)

I can't believe how much I knit this weekend. I guess after working small gauge projects (like socks and the fair isle vest) and all-over cable things (like R.I.B.), something that is large gauge and mostly stockinette will be a quick knit. Plus, the cables on either side of the body really helped keep things interesting. While stockinette isn't always my cup of tea, knowing that after every 73 stitches of it I would get to work on cables kept me going.

Now that I made it to the back section, I'm in purl heaven. Yeah, I got to purl a bit when working the cables, and obviously got to purl when working in R.I.B. But I've really grown to enjoy the feel of purling across a whole row, without stopping. It's especially nice in my fairly crunchy yarn on bamboo needles. I love the friction of it, and with this yarn, each tug falls in place without any worry. Yay for purling!

So here's the post-weekend picture. Body is done (obviously), and I'm almost done with the back section. The front section will be slower, but more interesting, thanks to lots of pretty cables. mmm...

Sorry about the washed out color. It's overcast here, and even full spectrum lightbulbs didn't help. I wonder if having it on a darker blue background (instead of the taupe floor) made it look more washed out than it otherwise would have.

Oh, and thanks for the suggestions on the lace socks. I think I'm going to go with the pattern I had in mind when I posted about it last week. I realized that altering it will be even easier than I thought. It's not exactly an easy pattern (it's one that took me a while to get used to), but it's something for which I can memorize the pattern fairly quickly. With the Rogue hood coming up in the not too distant future, it will be nice to have a project that it pretty and fancy, but doesn't require me to drag charts around with me everywhere. (More details when I can post pictures elsewhere. I haven't cast on, yet, and want to keep the details secret.)

fyi: Blogger doesn't have the words "lightbulbs" or "taupe" in its dictionary. How weird.


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