Tuesday, November 01, 2005

still life with donkey and sleeve

I didn't do any Halloween-themed knitting, so I thought I'd let the donkey have some fun with the seaming I did on Halloween. Doesn't he look thrilled?

All the seaming is done except for attaching that sleeve to the body. If it weren't for small children dressed like chickens and cowgirls coming to my door every 5 minutes in search of our chocolate stash, I might have finished the seaming.

I do love the feel of this yarn post-washing and blocking. And it seems like the sweater will fit okay, although I think the armhole depth may be a bit much for me. But that's nothing new with me and sweaters.

Now off to do work, and not think about exactly how many inches of icord edging I have to do in the next day or two. Icky plastic DPNs, here I come...


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