Friday, October 28, 2005

Sleeve; drooling over things made from Heilo

I finished the first Samus sleeve. Even though I had moments of cursing at it (in my head) because I had to do 7 extra rows at the end of the increasing to get it to a proper sleeve length, I had a great time finishing it. Maybe that's because I got to pig out on tons of goodies at the knitting group, and bask in the immeasurable cuteness of C's felted mittens. (Seriously, they were the cutest knitted items I've ever seen in person. All in a row in a little platic baggie! I almosted melted on the spot.) She also read to us from one of Harlot's books - the list comparing parenting to knitting. I couldn't make to any of Harlot's in-person readings, but since C. is a little Harlot-like in appearance and demeanor, she made a good substitution.

(pinned not for blocking, but just to display it without curling)

Jessica just pointed me to this glorious picture of finished fair isle socks, knit from a pattern in the Folk Socks book. I happen to have that book out from the library right now, and those socks I linked to are so much nicer than the ones in the book. Not that I don't like the ones in the book, but seeing them on actual legs makes all the difference. The pattern calls for Heilo. My LYS carries Heilo. That's so tempting. (For the record, C's felted mittens were made of Heilo. It felts amazingly well.)

I want to knit just about every pair of socks from that book. Other socks that have really caught my eye are the Highland Schottische Kilt Hose and the Latvian Socks. The Kilt Hose call for Naturespun Sport, so I think the leftover scarlet NSS I have leftover (first from Elizabeth I, then from Ingeborg) are destined to become those socks. I don't know if my legs can pull them off, but I may knit them for Sockapalooza 3, if there is a Sockapalooza 3. I also notice that the Latvian Socks are knit in yarn from Schoolhouse Press. If I win that gift certificate (I know I'm going to be so disappointed when I don't), I might have to buy a skein of Helmi Vuorelma Oy Satakieli for those, in addition to the J&S I need.


Blogger rachel m. said...

i have folk socks out from the library as well. and after seeing eunny's socks? i might have to make those as well.....

10/28/2005 4:25 PM  

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