Thursday, October 27, 2005

sleeve and socks (and lots of purple)

And onto sleeve number 1. It's amazing how motivating periodic increases can be.

And here is the completely different thing I talked about a couple of days ago. Well, completely different from Samus except for the fact that they're also purple, also knit from Brown Sheep yarn, and both patterns come from Knitty.

It's the socks I knit for the LiveJournal advanced_knit sock exchange. I sent them out a few days ago, so I assume it's safe to post a picture today. They're Jessimuhka's Falling Leaves sock pattern, from the latest Knitty. I knit them cuff-down (instead of toe-up), and use Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn, in a slightly sparkly purple color.

I'm so sick of purple, it's not even funny.

As an aside, I had a dream last night in which I bought a whole lot of Sweetgeorgia's sock yarn, at $3.85 a skein. I was really disappointed when I woke up. I really want some Buffy socks. It will have to wait, I guess.


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