Monday, October 24, 2005

seas of stockinette

Mass quantities of stockinette, it is:

You might not be able to tell from the photo, but that's 360 square inches of stockinette, plus the beginnings of the right front, with armhole shaping. *phew!* I truly didn't think I would get through all of that this weekend. At some point, I swear the more I knit, the shorter the body length got. Some may call it measuring inaccuracies, but I call it hell.

Funny enough, I think I have it in me to continue with more stockinette today. I finished the right armhole shaping, and only have 30 rows (of 32 stitches each) to go before I do the right shoulder shaping. That's nothing. Plus, the yarn is nice to work with. I've been afraid to do a friction test on my swatch, though, to see about pilling. I have a sneaking suspicion that this sweater will be a pill monster, but if it's not, I'm definitely using this yarn for future projects.

the forecast for this week: stockinette, stockinette, stockinette, cabled sleeve cuffs, stockinette stockinette...

Unless I get sick of it, and need to work on the lace scarf or retro ribs. Or swatch for Ingeborg. 'cause fields of stockinette are boring for both knitter and blog reader.


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