Tuesday, October 25, 2005

more on Samus; promises of good things to come

Samus is starting to look like something other than a big blob of purple:

I think this means I'll finish the body today, as I did more than half of what was left yesterday. Then I guess I'll do the cabled sleeve cuffs tomorrow, and maybe even push through and finish the sleeves this weekend. At this rate, I could have a finished sweater in a week!

I think the depressing weather is helping. I probably wouldn't be putting as much time into knitting if I had to use mental energy that has gone away, with the sun. Sitting around on cloudy, rainy days and mindlessly plugging along on stockinette seems to be a good combination.

Last night I got a bunch done while watching Nova, and then listening to David Rakoff's latest book, in audiobook form. I love his voice and reading style so much that I could probably get myself to knit stockinette for days, if I just had his voice as motivation.

I know a fairly boring-to-watch project, combined with my rain induced bad mood makes this place not so exciting this week. But I promise to post a picture in a day or two that will be completely different, and new to at least some of you. Oh, and it's a finished project, which adds to the excitement a tiny bit.

And while I'm on the topic of good things, I heard from the lovely recipient of Elizabeth I, and it sounds like it does fit her nicely. I hope she sends pictures soon, because I'm incredibly eager to see it on the person it was knit to fit.


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