Friday, September 02, 2005

uh oh

Wrist pain. It doesn't happen to me often, but it hit yesterday. Blech.

When I was a kid, I took gymnastics classes at the local Y. One day, I hurt my wrist and never went back. I think that wrist has been a bit prone to injury, or at least pain, since then.

Yesterday, I was doing a tiny bit of work on the socks, and it came on all of a sudden. I stopped working on the socks. I tested a bit of knitting on Rogue, and that didn't hurt, so I decided to take it to the knitting group, and see if that painfree feeling lasted.

It didn't. Bleh. My wrist actually feels fine this morning, and I just did a tiny bit on the sock to test it out. I still have a raw spot on the skin of one of my fingers, from the needles rubbing against it, but the actual internal wrist pain is gone. I think I'll take it easy for a little bit, just to make sure it doesn't come back. I suspect it was aggravated because the cuff of the sock is a pain. Of course, if it comes back again, I may take a longer break from knitting, just to make sure that whatever is wonky has time to unwonkify itself. I don't want to get tendonitis or carpal tunnel. That would suck big time.

I was happy to learn at the knitting group that I'm not the only person who thinks the Annie Modesitt jacket on the Vogue cover is pretty cool. There's also some gorgeous lace in that issue. When I can stomach paying $8 for a knitting magazine, I think I'll buy it. (Not a bad price if there are several designs you'll definitely knit, but I don't think I'll ever actually knit that jacket. Plus, compared to IK, it seems really steep.)

Kathryn - I completely agree about your scarf assessment. If anybody is meant to be in that scarf, T. is!


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