Saturday, September 03, 2005

spork in the eye

The sock isn't.

I was a couple of inches into the lace sock when I noticed a mistake. I tried to tink. I screwed up. Compared to other things, I'm relatively inexperienced at lace, and there was no way I could recover without starting again. I ripped it out. Again.

So I'm going to let that silly lace sock stuff sit around for a while. I just can't deal anymore. I swear I'm not an incompetent knitter, but lace socks and I are just not getting along right now, so I'm not going to tempt fate for a little while. These socks aren't due for almost 2 months. Maybe I'll think about them in a few weeks.

I decided I needed something soothing to knit, so I went with my gut and cast on for another pair of Retro Rib socks. Retro Ribs were the second pair of socks I knit. This will be my third pair of this pattern. It's an easy pattern - to memorize and easy on my hands. I like knitting it. I had some GGH Marathon sitting around, procured a couple of months ago in a trade, and decided that it would be perfect. I think it would be too busy for my first pair of Retro Ribs, but by now I know and love the pattern so much that I don't much care. The pattern won't be as apparent as in a solid colored yarn, but a good deal of why I'm knitting these socks is for the feel of knitting them.

The yarn is a lot cooler than I anticipated. When it was in the skein, it looked a lot plainer than it is. As I was winding it, I saw that it really had a lot more variegation than I could tell before. I'm really digging it. It feels nice to knit with, too.

Maybe I'll pick up Rogue again this weekend. Until then, here is a sock picture (as usual, click for a bigger version):


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