Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm listy today

1. Rogue is off the pins. I love how the yarn changes after a washing. The change with Clasgens is the most drastic post-washing change I've seen with any yarn. Okay, I've only been knitting garments with 100% wool yarn for about a year, so my experience isn't all that varied yet, but I'm still impressed.

In the past, I've seamed sweaters by sewing the sleeves onto the body first, them actually sewing up the sleeves. The directions for Rogue said to sew up the sleeves first, then sew them onto the body, so I decided to give it a try. It's not that I'm a slave to whatever the pattern tells me, but I figured that it would be worth trying out this order of seaming, to see how I like it. Plus, it lets me do the easy stuff first, which is nice. I know I should get the difficult stuff over with first, but who really wants to do that?

So I spent the bit of time I had before work today seaming up one of the sleeves. It was easy as pie, which wasn't a surprise. The only thing I was unsure of was what to do about the hem. The pattern says to sew the hems up after the seaming, so I figured I'd do that. I wasn't sure whether I should seam up the hem, or leave it split. I decided to leave it split. I figure better that than seaming up, and finding later on that that makes it harder to sew in well. Plus, I was afraid that seaming it would not allow the seam to bias the way it wants to bias, causing problems later on.

After all of the seaming, sewing, and weaving, I plan to re-block the top of the hood. I exaggerated any "ears" that were there by the way I pinned it out the first time. My goal in the first blocking was to add a bit of length to the hood, which I achieved. Now I need to reshape the top, which I think I'll do by laying it out folded the other way, and smushing it into shape. I have played around with the fabric, and I think it will work to my liking.

2. So maybe I'll have a finished Rogue after the weekend. More likely, early next week. I should also finish the lace socks fairly soon. I have 2 (I think) pattern repeats and a toe left, in addition to washing and some blocking. The socks are for an exchange on a LiveJournal community, and the person I'm exchanging with has decided to delete her LJ account. I emailed her, and she's still in on the exchange, which made me happy.

3. Another LJ knitting community is having a contest next month. The prize is a book I've really wanted for a long time, and the entries are to be reviews of yarns, books, etc. I have a few things I feel comfortable reviewing, and may repost here what I put there.

4.Things to look forward to next week:
  • finished Rogue!
  • finished lace socks!
  • a book review or two, and more thoughts on Clasgens yarn (after I get to actually wear it, and maybe give my swatch a stress test)
  • progress on fair isle mittens and/or me coming to the realization that I really, definitely, am running out of a color for the vest
  • And of course, 3 of the 4 of those means pictures pictures pictures! (Too few pictures lately. iPhoto feels abandoned, I'm sure.)
5. I just closed the deal on trading that blue/grey Wildfoote sock yarn for beaded stitch markers. I'm psyched. I think I've now rid myself of all the yarn I wanted to rid myself of, and I'm finally getting my grubby little hands on beaded stitch markers. Yay! And now that I've atoned for my past yarn purchase mistakes, no more buying stuff I don't have projects for. What I had was in no way excessive, but it was more than made me comfortable. I don't like to have stuff I don't want to use.

6. My site finally has been added to the knitting blogs ring. (After me posing as a member with that button in my sidebar for a couple of weeks.) It sounds like they're super backed up, so I consider 2 weeks pretty darn impressive. I noticed after I saw that I had a gazillion new hits from the ring webpage. Gotta love statcounter! So hello to anybody who finds me through the ring. Remember to come back week if you want instant finished project gratification. :-)


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