Thursday, September 29, 2005

good little things

1. It's got to be fate. Right as I'm finishing up Rogue and seriously deciding on what will be next, someone goes and starts the Colors of Autumn knitalong. I obviously joined. This will be great motivation to actually finish the vest (or finish it as much as I can with one color running out), and braving stranded colorwork on DPNs for the mittens.

2. I just looked again at the LYS newsletter I got at the knitting group last week. I had remembered that there's going to be a tent sale on the 8th, but looking at the newsletter, I saw that it includes "all types of yarn". Yay! I hadn't noticed that before. I think this means I'm going to finally buy a skein or two of the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I fondle every week at the knitting group.


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