Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'm so foolish. When I finished knitting the body of Rogue, I tried it on. It was difficult, as the shoulders weren't attached, so it was flopping down. If I had dared to read the first instruction for the next section, I would have seen that it was to sew the shoulders together. (And if I had been good and read that, I would have done a 3 needle bindoff instead. Would have been easier and quicker, and looked almost the same.)

Well, I have sewn the shoulder togther, and done a few hood rows. Now I can confirm for sure that the thing fits well. Yay!

I also cast on for the sock exchange socks. I'll post a picture to Photobucket next week, as I shouldn't post here, for secrecy purposes.

I'm sure most of you have seen the new MagKnits. Despite the fact that they still have the annoyingly information poor thumbnails and difficult to read girly font, I do like a few patterns. Fair isle, big wooden buttons, and weird, whimsical scarf. I wish I knew someone who would wear that scarf, because it makes me smile. A lot.

By the way, assuming this shows up in Bloglines, did any of you see yesterday's post there? I didn't. I tried doing a little edit to it, to make it appear. It still didn't. What's up with that? Let's see if this one makes it through...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The scarf is very entertaining. Perhaps you could send one to Nadya Murray, as the model reminds me of her : ) Or surprise Mr. McMurry with it, as he would find it totally hilarious!

9/01/2005 12:15 PM  

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