Wednesday, August 17, 2005

project round-up

I thought it would be a good idea to do a projects-in-progress recap here, in case there are any new readers who may be lost.

To begin with, I just added a link to an album for my finished projects. You can find it in the sidebar. If it's before mid-October when you are reading this, you can also click the sidebar link to my pre-August posts on LiveJournal. That contains more pictures, including a link to my LJ knitting gallery. All of those photos will go *poof* in October, so click soon if you are curious. If you have any questions about any of those projects, feel free to ask them in a comment.

Projects in Progress
  • Rhapsody in Tweed, from the Fall 2004 issue of Interweave Knits. I'm calling it Rhapsody in Brown, or more likely, just abbreviating it R.I.B. I'm using Cascade Eco wool in a dark chocolate brown color. I'm quite close to finishing it. I finished the collar yesterday, and all that's left is the finishing work. In fact, I'm hoping to finish it today or tomorrow, time permitting. Here is a photo from a while back:

  • Northwest Sunset Fair Isle Vest, from the book Sweaters From Camp. This project is also nearing completion, although I may set it aside for a while. I finished knitting the body, and got as far as cutting the steeks before I set it aside to work on R.I.B. I'm using the yarn and colors called for in the pattern (7? different shades of Jamieson & Smith jumper weight Shetland wool), and while I've loved working on this project, the harsh yarn and frequent color changes have worn me out a bit. The next steps for the vest are to knit the armhole borders and the button bands. I think it's going to be more work than I'd like to believe. It's something I know I'll get the urge to complete some time in the next couple of months, so am happy setting aside until that urge hits. Here is a picture, from immediately post-steeking:

  • various socks - I am in the process of finishing up a fairly plain pair of socks out of Lorna's Laces, and am in the planning stages for some lace socks for a sock exchange. I'll post pictures of the LL socks fairly soon, as I'll probably want to go and finish them up soon after I finish R.I.B. this week.
  • I have the cuff of one Nordic Mitten (pattern from the Winter '04 IK). I am unsure about whether I want to finish these. On one hand, I have all of the yarn, which was not easy to acquire. On the other hand, I'm beginning to think that the busy colorway is not really my thing, and that for something like mittens (where frequent color changes are hard to hide and, because of the small circumference, so damn frequent), doing them in a 2 color variation might be smarter. Maybe I'll just rip them out and let the yarn sit around until I'm inspired to use it for something else. I'm so undecided about these.
Upcoming Projects
  • Rogue - Yup, the famous pattern from the Girl From Auntie. I have the yarn (Clasgens, in a light-ish blue) and pattern, and may swatch for it when I'm done with R.I.B. and the LL sock. Whether I start this next week depends on how guilty I feel about setting aside the fair isle vest.
  • Ingeborg - Pattern from Dale of Norway book #126. I still have yet to buy the pattern, but luckily have most of the yarn. I am going to use Brown Sheep Naturespun sportweight yarn. This is the same yarn I used for Elizabeth I, and I really love it. I happen to have a ton of the scarlet colorway leftover from Liz, along with a 14 oz. cone of a cream color I bought on a whim from eBay. (At the time I thought I'd knit a version of Liz for myself, as the red one you can see in my finished projects gallery was a wedding gift. Unfortunately, I'm completely worn out on that pattern. It was a marathon and a half.) I plan on buying more of the same kind of yarn in black (or "pepper") to round things out, and closely match the suggested colorway I like best. I'll probably start this some time in October. There are a few people on the Yahoo group knitalong who are interested in a round-2 of the knitalong. We decided on October-ish as the starting time, so that's what I'll stick to. I can't wait to start, as it's a gorgeous sweater, and looks like a really fun project. I adore Nature Spun!

Please let me know if you're interested in seeing any higher-res photos of any of the above projects. I just uploaded a couple of fairly low-quality photos, as I currently have better photos hosted elsewhere. I'm going to try to post nicer photos in my actual knitting updates, but figured I didn't want to waste much space on these little demos for a catch-up post.


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