Wednesday, August 31, 2005

if it were a vest, I'd be just about done

The full Rogue body is finished! There were only a few minor blips, and it went by a lot more quickly than I anticipated. (Blips include me foolishly not trusting the pattern for a few minutes, p2 tog through back loop kicking my butt, and discovering a dropped stitch several rows after it was dropped. No real biggies.)

Now I get to read about how this hood thing happens. Seeing the construction of the front of the sweater, I'm sure it will be easier to visualize what the pattern is telling me to do. I've also heard something about incorporating short rows into the hood to get rid of the puckering elf look. I should research that before any major hood construction starts.

So here's the almost wearable Rogue body. I liked the color before, and now it's really starting to grow on me:

Thanks for the comments about the Annie Modesitt jacket. Before the comments, I didn't realize that she was the designer, or that it was a pattern from Vogue Knitting. I'm not sure it's my style (I tend more toward plain vanilla cowardly clothing), but I really like it. I'll have to get my hands on a copy of that issue of Vogue. I'm curious about the construction.

edit: I just tried on Rogue, as well as I could, considering that the shoulders aren't actually joined together yet. I'm really happy I decided to make the 39" size. Besides the length (which looks like it will be just about right, but which I'd have had to adjust for the 35.5" size), I think the smaller size just wouldn't have been sufficient for layering.

Also, what are your thoughts on blogging about the hurricane and its aftermath? I've seen some criticism of people who are not mentioning it, and to me that seems silly. Personally, I'm not blogging about it here (well, except for this) because it doesn't belong here. I've barely talked about it in my personal journal because I don't really know what to say that others haven't already said. Just because someone isn't talking about something in public doesn't mean that it's not affecting them greatly, and that they don't care a great deal about it.

And that's probably the last I'll talk about it here. (I seriously doubt that any of my knitting will intersect with this topic. I've seen the beginnings of knitting related charity efforts, but 1. people in that area are probably not in great need of knitted items, and 2. if it's for fundraising, I'd rather donate directly.)


Blogger Pumpkinmama said...

Looks terrific - love that color, I do! as for blogging about the hurricane, I'm with you - I try to keep my knitting blog knitting-related. If there were disaster relief knitting to be done, then I'd mention it, but to date I haven't heard of any. Look forward to seeing your finished sweater.

8/31/2005 9:01 PM  

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