Tuesday, August 16, 2005

about bowerbirds

Welcome to bowerbird knits! This is the new incarnation of my old LiveJournal blog. I'm going to try to cross-post things to LiveJournal and here at blogger for the next few weeks.

I suppose I should explain how I chose the name for this place. A few weeks ago I saw an episode of Nova about bowerbirds. I was completely amazed. I had heard of them before, but had no idea the extent to which they create gorgeous structures and patterns. The structures they build aren't for protection, or for raising chicks. They're solely for decoration. More specifically, the males build them to impress the females.

While I don't think of my knitting as an attempt to attract anybody of the opposite sex, I do acknowledge that one aspect of blogging (and an arguably big one, at that) is showing off. But on a less selfish level, blogging about my knitting is writing about the (hopefully) beautiful things I create for the love of creating them, not just because they may serve a practical purpose. While I'm sure I'm anthropomorphisizing the bower birds to some extent, it was hard not to get the impression that some of what they do is because of the art of it, and the pleasure that art gives them. While I may never decide to incorporate huge beetle carcasses or stolen army-issued waterbottle caps into my knitting, I totally appreciate the sentiment that drives the bowerbirds to do so in their own creations. I want to be able to appreciate beauty of the spontaneous kind, as well as the more well thought out forms of beauty.

So that's the story of the blog name. I am easily swayed by PBS programs. And believe me, this blog came very close to be named "hippoknits". Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a way in which knitting earnestly reminds me of hippos. But if you ever have the opportunity to see the episode of Nature about hippos, I couldn't recommend it more highly.

So there's that. Read, comment (if you feel you have anything to say), and enjoy. All are welcome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This song made me think of you:


:) your sockpal

3/15/2006 8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Australia where bowerbirds are common. In the part that I live in (Canberra) we only have satin bowerbirds which look like they are dressed in dark blue satin. They make "aisle" bowers which means sticks arranged with an aisle down the middle. They collect blue things to attract females. People who live near them know all their blue flowers will get stolen. There is one who has his nest right by the path in the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens and we always bring him something blue when we visit. Buttons, berries, clothes pins, hair bands, you name it, if it's blue they want it. Other bowerbirds do other things but I've never hear one sing.

3/16/2006 8:34 PM  
Blogger Enid said...

I saw that show, a while back and they are absolutely incredible.

8/08/2007 10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You see where knitting can get you! I saw the David Attenborough show about these amazing birds some years ago, but I had forgotton what their name was over time. I was telling someone about them just the other day, but couldn't remember the name of the bird. I couldn't even remember if it was real or I'd dreamt it.. it's such a fantastic thing! And here, through my new-found love of knitting, and your blog, I have found the bowerbird again!! Thank you.

10/30/2008 4:38 PM  

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